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A Guide to Getting that Promotion

How to Make a Wordpress Website for Free

Basic tips for creating your own blog, website or page on Wordpress.

Remember More: Memory Improvement Techniques

Simple techniques to improve memory and master the art of remembering things

Is a Memorable CV Really a Good Thing?

Gender Pay Gap Could Take 100 Years to Close

Number of Graduate Jobs Falls by 8 Percent

Illustrator tutorial: Making a logo

How to make a logo using the construction guide technique in Adobe Illustrator

Maximising Your Employer Brand & SME Recruitment Tips

The newest candidate trends will be revealed and they will highlight how SMEs can maximise their brand to attract and secure the top talent.

Berlin's Bid for London's Top Tech Companies

6 Office Survival Tips to Keep You Alert All Day

Should Tattoos Stop You From Getting A Job?

Tips For Managing Your Time Better

Are Overweight Candidates Overlooked in Jobs Market?

The Careers and Apprenticeship Show 2016

Not wanting to go into further education after leaving school? This is the place for you.

Making 'Agile' Work for Your Business

Learn How to Develop a High-performance, Well-integrated Agile Project Management Approach for Your Business

Are Interviews A Bad Idea For Choosing Candidates?

Almost Half of UK Works Fear for Job Stability

Unemployment Falls for UK Jobs Market

Are Open Plan Offices Making Us More Anti-Social?

How to Combat Unhappiness at Work

How to Cope with Travelling for Work

How to Stop Stalling and Write Your Book

Wanting to write a book but lacking motivation? This course will give you a plan to get it done.

Stoke on Trent Jobs Fair

local jobs available in Stoke On Trent will be on offer at this jobs fair, come along!

Zero-Hours Contracts Rise by 20 Percent

8 Things to Learn Before You Graduate

What Can Your Ex-Employer Tell Your New Boss?

How to Balance Studying Alongside a Career

How to Survive Being the New Boss

Should You Move Towns for a New Job?

How Long Should You Stay In Your Job?

Understanding the Mind of Your Interviewer

Why Chasing Perfection is Bad For You

Lack of Career Knowledge Could Lead to Unemployment After Education

Sugar Tax Could Leave 4000 People Jobless

7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence

Learn the science of charisma. Increase your impact, influence and income using 7 science based steps.

Newcastle Part Time Jobs Fair

Want to make a bit of extra cash and local to Newcastle? Check out this jobs fair!

This Tiny Detail Could Stop You From Getting the Job

Norwich Jobs Fair

If you're looking for a job in Norwich, get down to The Forum.

DSLR Basic Settings Tutorial

Want to get into photography or videography? Learn DSLR settings with this tutorial.

More Women Facing Discrimination after Maternity Leave

Students Now Choosing Job-Friendly A Levels

How to Deal with Losing Your Job

Brighton Jobs Fair

There are plenty of jobs in and around Brighton on offer at this Jobs Fair!

The Secrets to Drawing

A comprehensive video and ebook course designed for people wanting to learn the core concepts of drawing.

Gatwick Airport Expansion Could Create 28000 Jobs

11 Conversation Starters You Shouldn't Use In An Interview

10 Most Employable University Degrees in the UK

The Most Awkward Office Moments

How to Answer Unexpected Job Interview Questions

Wordpress 2015

A step by step guide to making amazing and responsive Wordpress websites.

Does a Degree Really Get You Further?

Being Well Paid Won't Always Make You Happy

Do People Really Go Back To Their Old Workplaces?

Liverpool Jobs Fair

Get helping finding a job in Liverpool and surrounding areas at this Jobs fair!

8 Most Annoying Things You Can Do In The Office

Join our #HelpMyJobHunt Campaign!

What is Next for Kanye West?

Sheffield Jobs Fair

Local to Sheffield and looking for a job? Come along!

The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course

Use Xcode 7 & Swift 2 to make real apps like Uber, Instagram & Flappy Bird.

6 Olympians with unexpected Day Jobs

3 Reasons You Might Be Considering a Career Change

11 Body Language Mistakes You Shouldn't Make In An Interview

Are these the Most Boring Jobs out there?

McDonalds to Create 5000 New Jobs by 2017

30,000 Full-time Jobs Created Through Kickstarter

The Ultimate Home Work Space Guide

Nottingham Jobs Fair

Looking for a job in or around Nottingham? Get yourself to Nottingham Jobs Fair!

Windows 10 - Regaining your Privacy

Feeling less secure with Windows 10? Here are a few tips on getting your privacy back after switching to Windows 10.

5 Things To Do Before Sending Out Your CV

Lloyds Bank Cuts 3000 Jobs after 'Brexit' Shock

Office Productivity Decreases As Temperatures Rise

The Red Flags Recruiters Look Out For In Candidates

EasyJet Looks For 1200 New Cabin Crew

1400 New Jobs for Porsche Electric Car

The Questions Your CV Should Answer

3 Things You Should Avoid Saying In An Interview

The Jobs that You Wouldn't Want to Do This Summer

Is the UK About to Make Tax Digital?

How to Leave Your Job on Good Terms

Could You Be a Full Time Pokemon Hunter?

Foundation Award in Public Relations

Take your first step toward a career in PR. Discover what PR is, learn about the role of the PR practitioner and gain fundamental PR skills.

Bristol Jobs Fair

Local to Bristol and looking for a job? Come along!

SEO Crash Course

A complete crash course in Search Engine Optimisation

How to Turn an Internship into a Job Offer

Is Your Work Making You Unhappy?

12 Inventions to Brighten up Your Office

12 Ways to Wake Up Early

Ingenious Advertising That Got Results

The Start-Up Success Stories That will Inspire You

How to Communicate with a Recruiter

How to Quit a Job you Just Started

How to Fake Confidence at Work

Are Offices Becoming More Casual Places?

7 Questions You Can Ask in a Job Interview

6 Things to Do When You Get a New Job

The Biggest Job Hunting Misconceptions

Who to Use as a Reference and How To Ask Them

The Benefits to an Office-Free Job

5 Minute CV Hacks to Land Your Dream Job

What Comes Next as Britain votes Brexit?

How a Creative CV Could Help You Bypass the Interview Stage

Surviving your First Day at a New Job

Peterborough Jobs Fair

Jobseekers are invited to come along to find out about job opportunities directly from employers.

How to Avoid Second Interview Stress

Startup How-To: 
7 Steps to Creating a Successful Product

The tutorial used by accelerators around the world for prototyping business ideas & launching products customers love.

Basic Life Support

A great skill to have on your CV, learning First Aid can be invaluable for your skills.

Career Lessons You Can Learn From Euro 2016

What Happens Post-Interview?

Is Freelancing a Career you Should Consider?

Cambridge Jobs Fair

The Cambridge Jobs Fair will play host to 20+ exhibitors. Free to attend for all jobseekers, with no registration required.

Learn C++

Learn how to use C++ for coding with Derek Banas

What Should you Remove from Social Media Pre-Interview?

Liverpool Life Sciences Scheme to Create 10,000 Jobs

How to Avoid First Job Burn-Out

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2bn

Why is Authenticity in an Interview so Important?

What Qualities Do Employers Want In Staff?

What to Consider Before Accepting a Job

11,000 Job Losses as BHS Takeover is Blocked by Ex-Owner

Derby Jobs Fair

Over 350 Jobs on offer at Derby Jobs Fair.

Could the Government Give you a Monthly Income for Nothing?

Domino's to Create 10,000 new Jobs Ahead of Summer of Sport

Is this the Office of the Future?

The Apps that May Simplify your Day

6 Annoying Things Recruiters Say to Candidates

Are Job Seekers Losing Confidence in Recruitment Companies?

9 Biggest Interview Mistakes You Definitely Shouldn't Make

Do your Parents know What You Do For a Living?

6 Types of Interviewer and How to Talk to Them

Why CV Templates May Be Damaging Your Chances

Interview Etiquette - How to Make a Good First Impression

Access to Higher Education Level 3 Youth Work

This course is designed as a pathway in Youth and Community. If you are a mature student (usually over 19) and wish to achieve the qualifications necessary to pursue a Higher Education programme leading to a career in Youth Work and Community work, then this is the perfect route for you.

Energy Economics and the Environment

This course is designed to be a primer for potential entrepreneurs, investors, managers and policy makers on energy and environmental issues.

Level 3 Certificate in Logistics and Transport

The Level 3 Certificate in Logistics and Transport provides students with an in-depth look into the logistics of transporting goods in the supply chain industry.

9 Annoying Things about Looking for a Job

Super Speedy Breakfasts to Start Your Day Right

How would 'Brexit' affect UK Jobs?

How Does Procrastination Affect Your Work?

9 Tips for a Great Group Interview

Over 100m LinkedIn Passwords to be Sold by Hackers

5 Crazy Creative CV Ideas

Workplace Exercises You Can Do At Any Time

The Essential Workplace Makeover Guide

"Don't bother telling the world you are ready. Show it. Do it." - Peter Dinklage

Office Gadgets that Might Change Your Work Life

Could a Telephone Box Become Your New Office?

The Jobs that Would Look Strange on a CV

Should Out of Hours Office Emails be Banned?

How to Bring Summer to Your Office

Teaching Assistant Course Level 4

Distance learning qualification done through UK Open College.

Business Skills | Qualifications

A number of Business Skills courses are available through Pearson BTEC, via online and distance learning from their centre in Northern Ireland.

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Why Life as a Graduate Might Not Be So Scary

Things You Shouldn't Tell a Recruiter

More Job Losses for Oil Industry

400 New Jobs to Come for Stoke

The Essential Guide to a Productive Day

The Perfect CV Checklist

What Does your Desk Say About You?

Top Twitter Tips Every Recruiter Should Know

Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing

Acclaimed value investor William Ackman teaches you what it takes to finance and grow a successful business and how to make sound investments that will grant you to a cash-comfy retirement.

Common Job Seeking Tips That Contradict Each Other

Austin Reed in Administration - 1000 Jobs at Risk

Why Your Attitude May Be Damaging Your Job Hunt

The Signs of a Great Workplace

CV Mistakes That Could Cost You a Job

Sainsbury's Creates 150 New Technology Jobs

10 Things to Take to an Interview

Monarch to Close Base at Manchester Airport

Commuter Crimes We're All Guilty Of

Low Oil Costs Mean 280 Jobs are Cut

How To Improve Happiness at Work

The Weirdest Jobs in the UK?

Is Staying in One Job Affecting Your Pay?

500 Jobs to Go at British Gas

How Successful is Your Career?

6 Things Never to Do in an Interview

BT Creates 900 Jobs to Tackle Cyber Crime

How to Answer "Why do you want this job?"

Java Programming

Learn the core Java Langage in one video!

Administration Diploma

The Administrative Diploma is a complete training package that incorporates the Administration Course and 2 Microsoft Office Training packages.

The Jobs Fair Brighton

The Brighton & Hove Jobs Fair will play host to 20 exhibitors. The event is free to attend for all jobseekers, with no registration required.

Are You Experiencing Career Disappointment?

Motion Typography from Scratch

Learn how to use After Effects to create text based animations for music videos, film credits, advertisements and more.

Bucks Skills show 2016

Discover a career and a bright future at Bucks Skills Show on the 2nd July 2016

Windows 10 - Beginners Guide

A beginners guide to the latest Windows update, available for free upgrade on Windows 7 or 8 operating systems.

Drayton Manor Creates 8 Jobs... For Kids?

Disabled and Older Workers More Likely to Face Cuts

6 Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

British Steel on the Rise as Tata Sells Scotland Plants

What Might You Be Asked in an Interview?

Fake it 'til You Make It? Not for a Job Interview

Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair

Are you looking for a graduate job or an internship opportunity? Visit the University of Leeds Graduate Fair.

The Horrors of the Job Hunt

870 Jobs Could Go in Sainsbury's Restructure

11 Crucial CV Questions

How to Answer the 7 Hardest Interview Questions

Become an iOS Developer from Scratch

A step-by-step iOS development tutorial for aspiring developers with no coding or Objective-C experience.

Gmail 'Mic Drop' April Fools Prank Backfires

York Jobs Fair

The chance to speak with over 70 employers and training providers about the range of opportunities in York.

7 Desk Must-Haves for a Productive Work Day

Boeing to Cut 4000 Jobs

SEO Tutorial 2016: A Beginners Guide to SEO

How to optimise a site, get to the top of the search results and increase sales!

Tips for Video Interviews

600 New Jobs at Coventry Airport

British Steel in Crisis as Tata Plans to Sell

Interview Tips from Recruiters

Motivating Yourself After a Break From Work

8 Tips for Welcoming New Employees

Do Parents Really Affect Our Career Choices?

HTML5 Tutorial

Want to be a web developer? Learn the basics of HTML5 here.

5 Jobs to Make Your Career Interesting

Graduate Recruitment Fair

Recruitment fair for graduates at University of Bath.

3 Stages to a Successful Interview

TVR to Start Car Production in South Wales

How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview

£200m Research Vessel Gets Named By Public

Twitter Turns 10: How to Use 'Search' for Jobs

Rolls-Royce to Create 350 Jobs in Derby

Disintegration Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to create a Disintegration effect using "particle" Photoshop brushes, Masks and the Liquify tool.

US Publisher Creates 74 New Belfast Jobs

How to Beat Interview Anxiety

Guardian Media Group to Axe 250 Jobs

1 in 6 are Over-Educated For Jobs

The Jobs Fair Cambridge

Showcasing services in the Education & Training and HR Consultants industries.

Asda to Cut 750 Jobs For 'Project Renewal'

Worst Things For Employers to See on Your Social Media

Social Media Marketing 2016 - Complete Certificate Course

The comprehensive social media course, beginner to advanced. Go viral, get started today!

7 Things Recruiters Don't Want to See on Your CV

Cardiff Car Firm to Create 587 New Jobs

What Those White Lies on Your CV Really Mean

Engineering Apprenticeships On The Rise

5 Ways to Reduce Office Stress

'Ways into Work' to Help Young Jobseekers

Welsh Computer Network Falls Short on Jobs

Things to Learn From a Job Rejection

Become a Game Designer

If you want to become a game designer, this is the course for you.

How to Nail That Telephone Interview

Annual Jobs Fair in Line for Middlesbrough

Amazon to Create 1000 New Jobs in Manchester

How To Increase Your Chances of Employment After Graduation

Millions to Lose Jobs Over New UK Living Wage

How to Love Your Job More

After Effects Tutorial: Smoke Text Effects

How to make smoky text effects for beginners using Adobe After Effects.

5 Ways to Improve Mornings for Non-Morning People

Npower to Cut a Fifth of UK Jobs

Liverpool FC to Create 1000 New Jobs

9 Struggles All Job Seekers Relate to

7 Steps to an Interview Winning CV

Things You Should Know if You're About to Graduate

12 Books to Help Improve Your Career

Over a Hundred New jobs For the North East

5 Ways to Make Money From Your Hobby

Hundreds of Jobs to Go at Ford

13 Jobs That Could Be Replaced By Robots

80 Jobs to Go across the Scottish Highlands

Your CV Questions Answered

6 Worst Things to Wear to a Job Interview

4 Myths About Job Hunting

170 New Jobs Created in Newport

Equality in Job Advertising to be Enforced by Watchdog

The Sunday Times Reveal Their List of the Best Small Companies to Work for in Britain

Thousands of Jobs Available in NHS

Dating App Tinder Reveals What Jobs Users Find the Most Attractive

Proposed Scottish Power Plant Expansion Could Create Thousands of Jobs

Up to 900,000 UK Retail Jobs at Risk in the Next 9 Years, Study Warns

6th Time Lucky for DiCaprio as he Finally Lands Academy Award

Oscars 2016 Fashion: The Winners and Losers

7 Signs it’s a Friday

NASA's Next Astronauts - 18,000 Applications for Just Eight Roles

Airline JetBlue Get Involved in the Election Buzz With Clever Holiday Stunt

Aston Martin Announce New Factory in South Wales

Recruiter’s Rejection to Candidate Draws Criticism Online

Career Fair, University Campus Suffolk

UCS Careers Fairs are an ideal opportunity for organisations and employers to meet students and graduates.

Press Release Secrets: The Easy Way to Promote Your Business

Get more business the easy way! Learn the secrets of press releases from a respected journalist.

Adobe After Effects Advanced Morphing Tutorial

Learn how to create awesome morphing VFX in Adobe After Effects!

How to Colour an Illustration in Photoshop

Anyone can be an illustrator in Photoshop thanks to this quick tutorial.

Jobs Fair, Wolverhampton

Meet employers face to face and find out what jobs are available at an event taking place at Wolverhampton's iconic Molineux Stadium.

Learn How to Make a Realistic Hologram in After Effects

Facebook Rolls Out New Alternatives to the ‘Like’ Button

How This Year's Brit Awards Are Falling Over Backwards for Social Media

Infographic: 21 Steps to Create Your Own Brand

6 of the Biggest Distractions at Work and How to Cure Them

Stop Everything - Nissan Have Created Self-Parking Office Chairs

Android Illustrates it’s ‘Be Together. Not the Same.’ Slogan With a Piano That Plays One Note

How Deadpool’s Success Could Change the Way Films are Marketed Forever

Recruitment Firm Offers Staff All-Inclusive Trips to Vegas in Exchange for Candidate Referrals

Relief as 750 Jobs Are Secured at Hartlepool Plant

9 Websites That Will Make You More Productive

13 Bizarre Jobs That Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

Banks to Hire ‘Spies’ in an Attempt to Foil Traders Abusing the Market

Jobseeker Lands Trial After Service Station Plea Impresses Employer

The Best Time for a Break is…

How Did a Worker in Spain Get Paid for Six Years Despite Not Showing up for Work?

14 Shocking Examples of Sexism in the Workplace

Artificial Intelligence to do Half of the World’s Jobs by 2045, Professor Predicts

The Gender Pay Gap – What Employees Really Think

The Gender Pay Gap – What Employees Really Think

Aldi Announce Plans to Open 80 New Stores and 5,000 new Jobs

New Contact Centre Brings Jobs to Newcastle

HSBC Warns it Could Transfer 1,000 Investment Banking Jobs to France After Brexit Vote

Google Steps up Recruitment Drive for Self-Driving Vehicles

11 Lists You Can Create That Will Enhance Your Career

5 Photoshop Tricks You Don't Know

These five tricks will help make sure you’re getting the most out of Photoshop.

Modern React with Redux

Master the fundamentals of React and Redux with this tutorial as you develop apps supported by NPM, Webpack, and ES6

Cinema 4D Tutorial - Cubes into Letters Transformation

With the help of this tutorial, you’ll learn some basic tools, such as the cloner object and the random effector, which help to create a fantastic logo animation.

Drawing Heads at Different Angles

Learn how to draw faces like a pro using Adobe Photoshop.

How to Create a Reflection in Photoshop

Google Analytics for Beginners

Learn to use Google Analytics for uncovering actionable data and growing your business online.

Earth Tutorial for Maya: Intermediate Level

Learn how to make a realistic view of Earth from space using Maya 2015.

Advanced Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to use the advanced editing tools available in Adobe Premiere Pro to streamline and speed up your workflow.

UK Tourism Jobs Boom

The Option of Flexible Working Hours Vital for Attracting Candidates, Study Finds

Controversial Job Ad States That “Only Dyslexics Should Apply”

Google Developing Wireless Charging for Their Self-Driving Cars

Watch: How You Really Sound While Flirting With Your Office Crush

Everything Is Awesome When Your Job Is to Build Lego

5 Ways to Subtly Tell Someone in the Workplace That You’ve Got a Crush on Them

'League Tables' to Be Introduced in a Bid to Tackle Gender Pay Gap

Infographic: 8 Things That Are More Important For Success Than Intelligence

7 Kanye West Tweets You Can Use as Your Out-Of-Office Reply

Watch: How to Get a Job at Pixar

9 of the Easiest Ways to Achieve Success in Your Career

9 of the Easiest Ways to Achieve Success in Your Career

Photo Backdrop With Stand and Cover for £29.98 (39% Off)

Ideal for any photographer, this sturdy yet lightweight backdrop is simple to set up and is sure to give a crisp white background.

Smart Desktop Organiser Stand With Built-in USB Ports for £26.99 (53% Off)

Compact, ultra-sleek designed desk tidy, made from temper glass top with ABS frame, built-in USB 2.0 ports and cup holder

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial: The Jitter/Camera Shake/Earthquake Effect

Learn how to make your action shots pop with this exciting effect.

Learn How to Manage People and Be a Better Leader

Aspire to be a better leader? Then you need to be a team player with the right character traits, interpersonal and communication skills.

How to Use the Pen Tool in Photoshop

The pen tool can be very intimidating at first, but all it takes is a little practice and a lot of selecting!

PowerPoint Training - Creating a Presentation

Learn how to create a new presentation in less than ten minutes using PowerPoint 2013.

The Jobs Fair, Derby

Meet employers face to face, find out what jobs are available and pick up some useful contacts.

Compass Jobs Fair, Birmingham

Meet employers face to face, find out what jobs are available and pick up some useful contacts.

How to Make a Billboard Advertisement in Photoshop

Learn how to show a client what their advertising will look like in real life.

Microsoft Excel - 10 Things You Must Know

This tutorial teaches you how to get the best out of Excel.

Watch: Candiate Creates Brilliant Rap Youtube Video as his Cover Letter

25 Phrases You Keep Using in Your CV That Makes Recruiters Scream

Advertised Salaries See a Healthy Jump in January

Airport Staff Given Light Therapy in a bid to Improve Sleeping Patterns

Ex-Offenders Won’t Have to Disclose Their Criminal Record as Part of Government Prison Reform Plans

Shock Power Plant Closure Leaves 150 Jobs at Risk

Short and Dark Winter Days Make it Harder for us to Concentrate, Study Finds

Government Appoints Sir Philip Hampton to Help Lead More Women Into Senior Positions

Employees Fear Losing Job if They Complain About Pay or Take Leave, Unions Claims

Which City in Europe Has the Highest Job Satisfaction Levels?

The 10 Best Ads from This Year’s Super Bowl

New Range of Barbie Dolls Launched With 'Taller', 'Curvier' and 'Petite' Body Types

LEGO Creates Disabled Figure

British Workers Turn to Chocolates, Crisps and Biscuits to Deal with Stress

Felix the Cat Promoted to Senior Pest Controller

Graduate Fined £3,000 and Suspended From Practising Law After Lying on Her CV

9 Warning Signs That You Need to Quit Your Job

7 Ways to Attract Millennials to Your Company

Which City in the UK Saw the Best Job Growth in January?

Recruiter Advises Graduates to Find a ‘Sugar Daddy’ to Pay Off Their Debts

Innovation Becomes a Top Business Priority for HR Leaders, Report Finds

Flexible Working Makes Men Unhappy, Report Claims

Uber’s Rebrand Greeted With Mixed Reaction Online

Lloyds Announce 1,750 Job Losses

Cancer Rates Rise but Death Rates Fall