Are You Getting the Most out of Your Job Search?

Posted by Nicole Williams on 07 March 2017

The way we search for jobs has changed significantly in the last 10 years, and as technology continues to grow and change, so will the way jobs are found. Currently, it is easier than ever to find jobs online, with many many jobs boards popping up, all with hundreds of thousands of jobs that are available. However, the sheer volume of jobs can make the process quite daunting for many people. How do you know which jobs to apply for? Are they all worth spending time filling out applications? How do i secure interviews for the jobs i want? Here are some tips for doing just that.

1) Are you being realistic about the jobs you are applying for?

If you don’t have relevant experience or meet the job criteria, it is unlikely that you’ll be considered for the position, so don’t waste time on jobs you don’t fit the bill for. Applying for jobs you aren’t qualified for can hurt your reputation with the company, and you’ll be less likely to be considered for jobs that you are qualified for, should they arise.

2) Is your CV up to scratch?

It’s worth making your CV as good as you possibly can make it. After all, unless you get an interview, this is the only thing an employer will have to judge you by. Check for basic spelling and grammar errors, make sure your layout is easy to read and make sure all of your contact information is up to date.

3) Have you written a cover letter?

These days, more and more candidates are not including cover letters with their applications, so writing one will set you apart from the crowd. Include keywords from the job description and reference your skills which relate to them in order to prove you would be the right candidate for this job.

4) What sort of job sites are you searching on?

Job boards are great for looking for jobs, but make sure you narrow the search down to meet all of your requirements in terms of location, salary, contract type and hours in order to not waste an employer’s time if you realise you can't take a job. Consider looking for industry specific jobs websites which may contain more specialist jobs than the usual ones.

Good luck with your search!