How NOT to Resign From Your Job

Posted by Nicole Williams on 27 February 2017

Have you ever written a resignation letter and wished you could tell your boss exactly what you thought of the company? Unfortunately, this isn't really a good idea, especially if you’re relying on them for a reference or you don't want to burn your bridges.

However, we can all live vicariously through this guy, who wrote his resignation letter in marker on toilet paper. Ouch.

(Image: Reddit User Girlofgodsbadday)

Whilst the note is relatively formal in language, it’s content differs somewhat from the usual resignation letter.

This man’s wife posted the letter on Reddit (Girlofgodsbadday) and got some pretty interesting responses, including one user who commented “I don’t think he’ll have to stay those last two weeks.” I’m betting he didn’t either.

Luckily, this man already had a new job and was writing his resignation as a moment of catharsis. We totally do not recommend this method of resignation to anyone, no matter how hard work feels on a Monday.

What is the best resignation you have ever seen or done yourself? Let us know!