How to Get a Job with Your Dream Company

Posted by Nicole Williams on 22 February 2017

Everyone has a dream company they’d love to work for, right? Perhaps they’re at the top of your industry, or maybe they just seem like a fun place to work? The trick to working for them is simple, you have to get on their radar, even before you apply to work there.

There are several benefits to ‘tracking’ a company for a period of time before you apply. You’ll know more about them, you will gain genuine enthusiasm for their work and you’ll be able to impress the interviewer with your knowledge, and of course, there is the obvious benefit of knowing about open positions before they appear on job boards. Here are some tips for tracking your dream company.

1) Follow them on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest… Whatever social networks the company is on, and uses regularly should be what you keep an eye on. Connect with them on whatever platforms you can, and engage with their posts. You don’t have to comment, like or retweet every single post, but being a regular engagement will get you noticed by whoever runs their social media.

2) Look for specific hiring accounts.

Some bigger companies have specific accounts for posting jobs they are hiring for, such as @HuffPoJobs, which is for Huffington Post jobs. If you scroll down the feed, you may find interesting tips and tricks from the account answering other users’ questions which can help to benefit your application.

3) Keep it clean.

If you’re going to use your regular social media accounts, keep them clean, or clean them up. Interacting with a company who can then see pictures of you drunk with friends or causing offence on your account doesn’t make you seem like a professional. Review your privacy settings and figure out who can see what on your page too.

4) Visit the jobs page often.

Most companies have a ‘Careers’ or ‘Hiring’ section on their websites to post job openings on. Bookmark these pages and make a habit of checking them occasionally to see if anything that suits you has been added.

5) Don't be afraid to reach out.

Again, don’t spam a company, but if you have a question regarding a position that is open or has recently been filled, don’t be afraid to get in touch via email. Just keep it polite and professional and if you don't hear back, don’t send it again until you do get a reply. This will help get Human Resources familiar with your name and will demonstrate enthusiasm and interest in the company.