Why is Body Language Important in a Job Interview?

Posted by Nicole Williams on 15 February 2017

There are certain things that are obvious when you go to a job interview, but it's the less obvious unconscious moves you make that may cause you to fall at the final hurdle. Identifying and stopping these error before the big day can be the key to achieving success within an interview. Here are some body language tips

Unintentional signals

These are the things you don’t notice you’re sending that can affect and interviewer’s impression of you. Take your handshake, for example; a weak handshake can make you seem weak yourself, but if you over-compensate, an overly strong handshake can be off-putting. If you want to give a good impression, getting this right is key.

First impressions count

Around half of all employers say they know whether a candidate is a good fit for the role within the first five minutes of an interview. When you consider that the application you submitted has already demonstrated your experience and qualifications, it means your personality and body language are what is being judged here. By this stage, engaging with the interviewer and showing off your personality well is the biggest part of actually getting a job.

So next time you find yourself in a job interview, remember to sit up, smile and shake hands for the best first impression you can give. Good luck!