How to Beat Interview Nerves and Land that Dream Job

Posted by Nicole Williams on 13 February 2017

So you’ve got the interview. You have all the experience required and you know you’d make a great addition to the team, but there is one problem. Interview nerves are setting in. Just remember you are not alone.

If they aren’t dealt with effectively, interview nerves can leave you lacking confidence and feeling anxious, and they take up so much energy that would be better spent researching and preparing yourself for the interview instead. Like most common fears, interview nerves are generally irrational, so here are some tips to make you feel better and hopefully get rid of the nerves.

1) It’s not all about you.

As the interviewee, the focus is obviously on you and it is your chance to shine, but remember your interviewer is probably feeling the pressure too. They have a role to fill and the chances are, the company is investing a considerable amount of money and time into filling it, so getting the right person is essential for them. Also remember that every other candidate is feeling the pressure too, and most interviewers will expect a degree of nerves from you.

2) Know yourself.

Have confidence in your ability to do this job well. You are the only person that truly knows what skills, knowledge and experience you have, and it is important that you remember this. Once you are clear on what you have to offer, you can walk into an interview with confidence.

3) Reframe the situation.

In your mind the interview is a situation you’re not going to be hugely comfortable with. So it’s not wonder you’re nervous. Take time to step back and think about situations when you excel. If you can channel those feelings by relating the interview to that situation, you’ll reduce your nerves by huge amounts.

4) Have a contingency plan.

Inevitably, there will be something you forget to mention in an interview. However, the key is to find ways to slip the information in elsewhere if you forget when answering a question. Wait for the right opportunity to ask if you could expand on a previous answer, and make sure to have a couple of points which can be mentioned at the end when asked if you have any questions.

So hopefully by now you’ve gotten those nerves under control enough to smash the interview and land that job you really really want. Good luck!