How to Handle an Office Snow Day

Posted by Nicole Williams on 10 February 2017

With the Met Office predicting snow across the UK this weekend, by Monday we could be buried underneath the white stuff. Highly unlikely, of course, but here are some tips just in case there is a snow day in our midsts.

1) Create a plan.

We know snow usually means bad roads and school closures, so plan for this. Your employees might live quite far away, or they might have to unexpectedly look after their children. Other employees may not be comfortable making their usual commute, so put a plan in place for absences.

2) Set your team up remotely.

Have employees bring home anything they may need to work from home. Update your office voicemail to let callers know there is no one in the office and set up conference calls instead of meetings.

3) Know how to communicate office closures.

Alert all employees about the plan for being open or working from home. Be prepared to communicate that news as early as 6am or before so that they can plan their days accordingly. Decide whether your staff needs to be checking their texts or emails and let them know.

4) Reward anyone that can come in.

Let's be honest, no one actually wants to brave the snow so reward anyone that does make the effort with breakfast or lunch. Remember, they could have stayed home, but they haven’t.

So if the country gets blessed with the white stuff, remember to take these tips on board ans your company will still run as smoothly as any other day!