How to Fit Millennials Into Your Company Seamlessly

Posted by Nicole Williams on 07 February 2017

The term millennial is a nickname for a generation of people which basically just refers to someone who was born between 1982 and 2000. With this in mind, the term obviously refers to a huge, diverse population, so why are there so many stereotypes surrounding the way millennials do anything from their careers to relationships, living situations and even children? The biggest stereotype is that in terms of work, they can be lazy, selfish and entitled. As more and more of this generation are entering the world of work, how can we break this stereotype and set a new example.

So when you’re looking for new staff, remember that not all millennials are the same, and turning them into engaged employees can bring on a whole new look for your company which can drive the business forward.

Harness their energy and passion.

As a generation, these people have been encouraged to pursue passions in order to develop their talents. Managers need to now point them in the right direction in order to get great work from them, after all, it is no secret that passion is a key ingredient for motivation, and those who are highly motivated will produce some of the best work.

Millennials have a reputation for jumping between jobs and never settling down. However, people in this generation, just like everyone else, want to know how to fit in and succeed at work. Teach them this and they’ll be more likely to stick around.

Take advantage of a new perspective.

If everyone else in your company has been there for a long time, someone new will see things that your existing staff might not notice otherwise. These people, who are probably fresh out of education, will have a totally different perspective on problem solving and developing the company. Take their ideas on board, and don’t dismiss them outright. Remember, just because something didn’t work five or ten years ago, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work now as time and technology changes things.

Speak their language.

Remember that everyone learns differently, and it's not just the millennials whose attention spans have been shortened by constant digital distraction. Any content, tools or techniques should work across all platforms, whether it be mobile, computer or in person. The challenge is to create material that is engaging enough to draw them away from social media for a few minutes and make them focus on you.