How Long Should You Stay In Your Job?

Posted by Nicole Williams on 31 August 2016

Wanting to switch jobs but not wanting to be considered a job hopper? Hating your job but not wanting to leave so soon in case you seem unreliable? Well apparently you’re right to be concerned.

A Bullhorn survey reports that 39% of recruiters believe that the single biggest obstacle for an unemployed candidate in regaining employment is having a history of job hopping or leaving a company before they have been there for a year.

In fact, some hiring managers even went on to state that someone near retirement age with a steady employment history is much easier to find a job for than someone who is younger but has moved around a lot.

So how long does a typical employee stay in a job? The average number of years that workers stay with their employers is 4.6 years, according to Economic News Release from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, however this does vary by age and occupation.

  • The average length of employment for workers aged 25-34 os 3.2. Years.
  • The average length of employment for workers aged 65+ is 10.3 years.
  • Workers in management, professional and related occupations stay for around 5.5 years.
  • Workers in the service industry stay for around 3.2 years.

Those who have been made redundant and therefore can’t avoid leaving their jobs aren;t included in these statistics, but if you are considering jumping ship, think about whether this will have an affect on your future prospects.

On the other hand, staying too long at a job can also hinder your employment prospects, as a long period with one company can make you seem as if you are in no rush to further your career. It may also make employers think that you lack flexibility and that training you for a new role may be a difficult task.

How long have you been in your job? Are you planning to leave any time soon? Let us know!