Lack of Career Knowledge Could Lead to Unemployment After Education

Posted by Nicole Williams on 25 August 2016

Young people are not being informed of the wide range of jobs available to them after leaving education, research by City and Guilds has suggested.

In a jobs forecast for 2022, the organisation, which is dedicated to teaching skills and development, found that well-known career paths including medicine and computer programming were way oversubscribed. Meanwhile, occupations in property and marketing were only chosen by a small number of students.

The figures show that approximately six times more students want to be a computer programmer than there are vacancies for.

This could lead to teens in certain areas facing unemployment, City and Guilds said. The study comes as students across the UK receive the results of their GCSEs.

In light of this research, City and Guilds’ Managing Director is asking for a new approach to career guidance, which focuses on all of the options available to students rather than just the popular ones.

She said: “We are calling on Government to create a holistic new national careers advice model that provides young people across the UK with the information they need to match their talents, hopes and dreams with the reality of the jobs market.

"We can do this by giving everyone access to employers in schools, up to date labour market information so they know what skills are in demand from employers."

Is your career something that was encouraged when you were at school or were you pushed towards a more popular one? Let us know!