The Most Awkward Office Moments

Posted by Nicole Williams on 15 August 2016

Offices are breeding grounds for awkward situations. Everyone makes mistakes and we all fall victim to situational nightmares. There’s no other way out, so here are the top five most cringeworthy moments that happen in the office.

1) Walking down a long corridor towards someone.

You’re leaving your office and begin the walk down the hallway to the stairs or elevator. At the same time, someone comes out of the elevator and is walking towards you. You make eye contact, you smile and then a few seconds later you’re still walking towards each other. You might smile again, you look away and eventually you just have to resign yourself to looking back so that you don't fall over. By the time you’re passed each other, you almost feel like you’ll drop down from the relief. Awkward.

2) The silent elevator.

You wait for the elevator at the end of the day and when you get in, you can hear a pin drop. Finally, you get to the next floor and the doors open. Finally, you’re free! Only you aren’t because it’s not your floor. Back into the elevator you go!

3) Seeing food on someone’s face.

You settle down for a meeting about a new product, when you notice the food on the face of the guy who is presenting. Now you’ve spotted it, you can't look away. Then others notice you’re staring. Eventually, the guy wipes his face and you’re all just sitting there awkwardly because no one wants to mention it.

4) Being spat on in conversation.

You bump into someone in the bathroom or kitchen area, and midway through an already awkward conversation, a piece of saliva flies out of their mouth and lands on you. You know they saw it because their eyes follow the pattern it made. Now you’re both acting like nothing happened and keep up the conversation whilst you’re trying to wipe your face inconspicuously and it’s all kind of gross.

5) Being hung up on.

You’re on the phone and all your colleagues can hear you. Now, this doesn't bother you because everyone has to do it. You’re in the middle of your pitch and when you finish, you say “so how does that sound?” and there is silence. You call their name through the phone again, but nothing. They hung up on you. What’s worse is that every other person in your office knows it. You put the phone back in it’s holder, and desperately try not to catch the eye of any of your colleagues. How embarrassing.