Does a Degree Really Get You Further?

Posted by Nicole Williams on 11 August 2016

More than one third of graduates now regret going to university, and around half think they could have gotten their current job without having to study for a degree, according to new research into the finances of this generation.

The research, which was conducted by insurance company Aviva, was published just days before hundreds of thousands of college students find out if they have gotten the grades they need to go to the university of their choice. The report, which was titled Generation Regret, states that many will wish they had not bothered attending university due to the level of debt they will be left with.

37% of those who went to university cite the debt they have now as a reason for regretting their choice,  whilst a total of 49% said they could have gotten to where they are now without having a degree.

Universities across the country have condemned this result, of course and have instead pointed to separate data which was published at the same time which shows a high level of satisfaction with university courses.

What do you think? Is a degree absolutely necessary for the modern generation? After all, with the world of online courses and non-academic teaching that has been created, the skills you can get from a degree can surely be learned elsewhere for much less of the cost.