Being Well Paid Won't Always Make You Happy

Posted by Nicole Williams on 10 August 2016

No one loves a job that doesn’t pay that great. After all, worrying about how you’ll pay your bills every month is not my idea of fun. However, this does not mean that you can’t be in love with your job.

Money makes the world go round, but it can't make you happy. If your income has you resenting your job, it’s time to start looking at it from a new angle. Look past your low salary and focus on the other elements of your job.


Do you love what you do? Sometimes enjoying your job means sacrificing a big salary. Not everyone enjoys their job, and those who do earn high wages can sometimes be the most stressed and unhappy people. Of course, you can love your job and be well paid, but that isn't always how things work. However, if you can honestly say you don't love your job, maybe it is the job satisfaction that needs to be worked on, rather than the salary issue.

Work hours:

Do the hours you work suit you well? Perhaps if you get weekends off or you can clock out at 5pm and not have to think about work anymore, or what if you have flexible hours and can work whenever you want to? If the hours you work suit your lifestyle, this can make you happier with your job. After all, some people never really get to switch off from work.


Does your job mean you don't travel far in the mornings? Perhaps it has good connections for tasty lunches or places you can go for after work drinks with your colleagues. Perhaps your job involves lots of travel, or visiting places you’ve always wanted to go? Or maybe your job is based at home, meaning you can work from your bed, sofa, desk or even your garden when it’s a nice day instead of being stuck in an office all the time.


Do you get on really well with your workmates? Perhaps you've formed bonds with those you work closest to, or even to your boss? Some people have tough times at work due to bad bosses or awful co workers, so remember, it could be worse.


Does your job use your qualifications to the extent you want it to? Are there opportunities for more training or to develop new skills? Do you have the chance at promotions or to develop your role further? A workplace in which you can also learn is a great benefit, as it sets you up for when you do eventually move on.

So remember, whilst money might make life easier, a pay rise is not always the way to make you happy with your career. Instead, focus on what you love about your job.