8 Most Annoying Things You Can Do In The Office

Posted by Nicole Williams on 08 August 2016

Every office has that one person that is driving everyone else crazy with their actions. If you can’t think of anyone that you work with, it is probably you. Sorry about that. Here are eight ways you can tell if you’re that person at your work that everyone is secretly wanting to kill.

1) You bring smelly food into the office.

Fish is a great. It’s pretty healthy. So are eggs, but if you’re going to bring them to work for your lunch, keep them in the kitchen, or take it somewhere else to eat. No one wants to sit in an office that smells of food all afternoon.

2) You eat loudly.

Your carrot and cucumber sticks are a great snack for the office, but do you really need to crunch 20 of them per day? You’re driving everyone mad with the sound of your chomping, seriously.

3) You’re talking really loudly.

Most office jobs sometimes require you to make phone calls, but does the person on the other side of the room really need to know you’re selling 200 units or that the kitchen repair man is coming in at 10am? No, they really don’t.

4) Your music is too loud.

Chances are, if you’re listening to music, it’s probably through headphones. But when your cubicle neighbour can hear the static from your music, or worse, the music itself, it’s time to lower the volume, not only for their sake but for your own hearing too.

5) You keep complaining about the temperature.

Too hot. Too cold. Too hot. Too cold. It’s simple, if you’re too cold put on a jacket, if you’re too warm, remove said jacket. Easy peasy.

6) You’re asking too many questions.

Google exists specifically to answer all of the stupid questions in the world. Unless it is job-specific, I’m going to Google it anyway, so skip the middle man and do that yourself.

7) You’re calling unnecessary meetings.

Time that I could spend being productive should not be wasted in meetings. If the topic is something we can discuss at our desks, don't try to drag me into the meeting room instead.

8) You keep sending spammy emails.

Stop CC’ing every colleague into your emails. Stop telling me every single task you have completed. If you sit less than 5 desks away, talk to me instead. What a waste of effort to fill my inbox instead of just opening your mouth.

What is the most annoying thing that happens in your office? Let us know!