Export Success Continues for Jaguar Land Rover

Posted by Ben Nicholas on 22 July 2015

The British car manufacturer has announced a 5% increase in pre-tax profits for the yearly period ending in March, with over 80% of their vehicles having been sold abroad.

It’s the fifth year in a row the West Midlands-based car giant has announced profit, and in that time sales and employment at the company has increased two-fold.

The company boasted sales of over 460,000 cars during the period, with China being the biggest consumer.

Revenue was up £2.5 billion from the previous year to an eye-watering £21.9 billion total, boosted in part by the launch of three new Jaguar models The company is continuing to see large sales across mainland Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Over the past year the company has overseen the set up of their first Chinese factory as well as another facility in Brazil. In the UK, the business has extended its home in the West Midlands to include a new manufacturing centre in Wolverhampton, taking its UK workforce to over 30,000 workers.

In the next year the company hopes to expand manufacturing to Eastern Europe in an attempt to compete in pricing with other high-end rivals.